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At Nicholas Groom Design renovation in varians fields of architectural design , conception and planning, we take pride in working with a talented, creative and passionate team of architecture collaborators. We believe that the best way to design inspiring and functional spaces is by working closely with experts in the field of architecture and design.

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Sketch plan and finished plan

The creation of architectural designs involves a gradual progression from initial conceptualization to a detailed, finalized plan. At the heart of this process lie two pivotal stages: the sketch plan and the finished plan.

A sketch plan represents the embryonic stage of an architect’s vision. It is an initial, rough outline that captures the fundamental essence of an idea.

The finished plan embodies meticulous attention to detail and precision. It incorporating comprehensive technical specifications, scaled measurements, and intricate architectural details.

Sketch plan3D

Sketch Plan 3D represents an innovative approach to architectural design, combining the fluidity of sketching with the depth and realism of three-dimensional modeling. This technique merges the conceptual freedom of sketching with the precision and spatial understanding offered by 3D visualization tools.

In traditional architectural practices, sketching involves two-dimensional drawings that convey the basic ideas and layouts of a design. However, with the advent of advanced software and technology, architects now harness the power of 3D modeling to create immersive and detailed representations of their concepts.

Real Construction

In architecture, real construction is the pivotal phase where designs take tangible form. It is the stage where the planned blueprints and architectural drawings come to life, shaping the built environment.

Architects play a crucial role in the construction phase, collaborating closely with construction teams, engineers, contractors, and various stakeholders to ensure that the design vision is faithfully translated into a physical structure.

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