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Nicholas provides professionally drawn architectural plans

for home owners, builders and building projects throughout the regions of Charente (16), Charente-Maritime (17), Vienne (86), Deux-Sevres (79) [Poitou-Charentes], Vendée (85) and Dordogne (24), Gironde (33) [Nouvelle Aquitaine].

He can arrange for a detailed measured survey of your property and production of scaled plans of the existing and the project. These plans are suitable for obtaining planning permission from your local authority, and obtaining a quantity survey to estimate costs of work or builders quotes for the works.

Advice is given on the likelihood of a planning application being approved, and will recommend alternatives if planning permission has already been refused. We can provide architectural plans and also work with your own architect’s existing plans.

Nicholas has considerable experience of renovating ancient and period buildings and he is able to provide you with all the local information required to submit an application or to submit an application on your behalf.

Why to work with Nicholas Groom Property renovation ?

  • Working with local artisans

    Nicholas has established good, professional working relationships with local artisans, structural engineers, and various specialists that you may require. On your behalf he can put projects, or elements of projects out to tender, collate the proposals and bring you a complete picture and cost of works.

  • Managing your project for you

    Once you have selected the right artisans or specialists for your build project, Nicholas can oversee your project on your behalf, keeping you up to date on progress and any issues (including photographs, video or even 360 degree views) by email or using technologies such as Skype to be interactive in real time.

  • Sourcing Products

    Nicholas is able to assist you source products from major european suppliers and local suppliers to enable you to get the best suited products at advantageous prices.


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